Man finds car five weeks after losing it at Oktoberfest

Silver VW Golfs are not uncommon in Munich. Credit: DPA

An Italian man has been reunited with his car five weeks after reporting it "swallowed by the Earth" at a famous German beer festival.

The man had driven to Oktoberfest in Munich but could not remember where he had parked his silver VW Golf on October 5th.

He returned to the city three times in attempt to find his vehicle before issuing posters with a reward of €200 (£168) if anyone helped him locate it.

But earlier this week the 44-year-old man, who asked to remain anonymous, was contacted by a reader of a German newspaper who spotted the car after reading a report about the mystery.

"Someone has read the story in your newspaper, saw the car and called me. Thank you so much," he told Abendzeitung Muenchen.