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Prince Charles turns 65

Prince Charles will celebrate his 65th birthday in India, where he is on an official tour with his wife, the Duchess of Cornwall. The royal couple will then fly to Sri Lanka ahead of the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting tomorrow.

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Camilla reveals Charles birthday party plans

The Prince of Wales birthday celebrations will begin in full on the flight over to Sri Lanka, his wife said. Credit: PA

Prince Charles' birthday celebration will hopefully start on the plane over to Sri Lanka, the Duchess of Cornwall revealed - if she can tear her husband away from his work.

She said: "Perhaps we can have an early celebration, then, or celebrate on the aeroplane or something. But he'll stick with his papers, I know he will, while I am trying to sing Happy Birthday. I might just even have to hold up a sign saying 'Happy Birthday, Darling'."

Camilla said her husband likes marking the big day: "He does quite like celebrating. He quite likes birthdays.

"He said it was really nice in New Zealand last year when everyone gave him a bit of a party. He likes people giving him a cake, a bit of a sing-song."

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