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GPs agree new contracts

The Government and GPs have agreed a new contract. Among the changes are that over-75s will be assigned an accountable GP to ensure they receive co-ordinated care. The Health Secretary has also revealed proposals for GPs' salaries to be made public

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Performance related pay diverted to fund elderly care

New contracts agreed by GPs and the Government will move away from a performance related pay structure and instead split funding between practice and hospital, to help doctors prevent elderly patients from unnecessary hospital trips.

According to the contracts:

  • The quality and outcomes framework (QOF) - which financially rewards GPs for hitting targets in areas such as diabetes care - will be cut.
  • Approximately £290 million of funding (238 QOF points) will be diverted to the core GP funding by stripping QOF points from the framework.
  • A further 100 QOF points will be removed to help pay for a new enhanced service worth £162m a year for patients with complex health needs.
  • Emergency care departments will have easier telephone access to GPs to decide whether or not a patient needs to be admitted.
  • Patients will be able to book appointments online and access their summary medical record.
  • In December 2014 patients will be asked how likely they are to recommend a GP practice.

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