Russia applies to extend detention of Arctic 30

Russian authorities have announced that it will apply for a three-month extension to the detention of the Arctic 30, Greenpeace has said.

They are expected to make the applications in front of a judge at hearings next week.

Greenpeace activists had been protesting against Arctic oil drilling Credit: Greenpeace

Thirty people were arrested aboard the ship that was protesting against oil drilling and charged with piracy in September.

Greenpeace International Executive Director Kumi Naidoo said: "We will fiercely resist this absurd attempt to keep those men and women in jail for a crime they did not commit.

"If the authorities succeed then we will appeal and ask for their release as soon as the court can schedule a hearing. This is a farce, it is an outrage that makes a joke of justice. It’s time for the Arctic 30 to come home.”