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Sri Lanka 'has nothing to hide'

President Mahinda Rajapaksa said Sri Lanka had nothing to hide and "will take our time and we will investigate into nearly 30 years of war." Meanwhile, David Cameron said he was "committed" to keeping up pressure on Sri Lanka.

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Commonwealth Secretariat: Why not let them in?

Richard Uku, the Commonwealth Secretariat and Media Spokesman was filmed apparently pleading with the Sri Lankan's president's aides to allow journalists access to today's press conference.

Media Spokesman Richard Uku pleading with aides to allow journalists press conference access. Credit: ITV News

Mr Uku could be heard saying: "You've accredited them, so why not let them talk to the the the president? The president can handle this, it's worse to not let them in having come all the way here."

ITV correspondent Bill Neely was among the accredited journalists barred from entering today's conference with the Sri Lankan president. Credit: ITV News

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