Greening hails British public's 'huge generosity'

As a flight loaded with more than 95 tonnes of UK aid prepares to leave East Midlands Airport for the Philippines later today, International Development Secretary Justine Greening hailed the "huge generosity" of the British people.

HMS Daring's arrival is a major boost to DFID's disaster experts and medical teams already deployed in the Philippines. This Royal Navy vessel will help us open a lifeline and allow us to help many more victims of the disaster.

More British help is on its way. This latest flight will be full of medical supplies, water tankers and forklifts to get aid moving and help clear bottlenecks at the airports.

The British people have shown huge generosity over the past days and DFID is working with charities to make sure all their donations get to those who need it most.

– International Development Secretary Justine Greening

HMS Daring, which landed in the typhoon-ravaged country this morning, will now be used to load, transport and distribute 500 shelter kits onto previously-identified islands along with 10 tonnes of high-energy biscuits.