Lowering consent age 'sends wrong message'

A lawyer representing 72 of the victims of Jimmy Savile has warned that lowering the age of consent would "send the wrong message to predatory adults."

I have real concerns about the prospect of the age of consent being lowered.

Predatory adults would be given legitimacy to focus their attentions on even younger teenagers and there is a real risk that society would be sending out the message that sex between 14-15-year-olds is also acceptable.

My work with victims of abuse results in me talking to many who felt pressurised into having sex at a young age but have gone on to live a lifetime of regret.

– Liz Dux, head of a specialist child abuse team at Slater & Gordon

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Age of consent calls rejected

The Government has rejected calls from a leading public health expert to lower the age of consent, from 16 to 15. Professor John Ashton says society sends "confused" signals about when sex is permitted.