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Age of consent calls rejected

The Government has rejected calls from a leading public health expert to lower the age of consent, from 16 to 15. Professor John Ashton says society sends "confused" signals about when sex is permitted.

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Your views: Lowering the age of consent

ITV viewers have responded on Facebook to calls by health expert Professor John Ashton to drop the age of consent from 16 to 15.

  • It doesn't matter what the age of consent is, if kids want to have sex they will. Maybe we should be concentrating on giving our kids a better sex education and being open and honest with them from a young age._ Amanda Jane Lewis_
  • Lowering the sexual age of consent would do nothing but encourage youngsters to engage in sexual activity at 15 and probably younger than this. I actually think 16 is too young, and should be increased to 18. Calum Crichton
  • Won't make any difference, kids will still have sex no matter what the age of consent is. Make it easier for them to get condoms, go on the pill. Push safe sex. No good raising it either that won't stop them. Wendy P Skelton

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