Crackdown 'does not stop offenders accessing images'

Child protection expert Mark Williams-Thomas said the Prime Minister should be clear that today's announcement is more about stopping children and young people accessing child abuse images "rather than tackling offenders accessing this material".

However, Mr Williams-Thomas acknowledged on Twitter that it was "a good step forward":


The announcement this morning by the PM that Google will introduce key word filtering & video DNA is a good step forward.


2 key distinctions-PM focus is more abt stopping children/y.people accessing child abuse images . Than tackling offenders accessing material


It is good that children/y.people are a focus - but this is what the PM should be being clear about. Less spin PR more clear strategy


Google to block abuse images

Web searches for child abuse images will be blocked for the first time by Google and Microsoft after mounting pressure. New software is to be introduced that will automatically block 100,000 "unambiguous" search terms which lead to illegal content.