Qatar construction industry 'rife with abuse'

Qatar's construction industry is rife with abuse of migrant workers who are "treated like cattle", Amnesty International has claimed as it called on Fifa to help with the situation ahead of the 2022 World Cup.

Workers employed on multi-million projects are suffering "serious exploitation", according to the report, The Dark Side of Migration: Spotlight on Qatar's construction sector ahead of the World Cup.

The report, based on interviews with workers, employers and government officials, includes accounts detailing the non-payment of wages, dangerous working conditions and "shocking" standards of accommodation.

The spotlight on workers rights in Qatar is increasing as construction begins ahead of the 2022 World Cup. Credit: Reuters

Dozens of construction workers were prevented from leaving the country for many months by their employers, with many workers subjected to forced labour, according to the organisation.

Researchers also claimed they heard a manager of one construction firm referring to workers as “the animals”.

The Secretary General of the organisation, Salil Shetty, called on Fifa to work with Qatari authorities and World Cup organisers to prevent abuses as construction for the 2022 tournament begins.