Your views: The cost of childcare

Labour leader Ed Miliband has criticised the Government over the rising cost of childcare, claiming there is a "childcare crunch" affecting families.

Here are a selection of ITV News viewers' opinions on the subject:

When Labour were in power, my kids were little. Childcare costs were higher than any wage I could have earned so I couldn't have afforded to work even if I wanted to, and that was under Labour!

– Jenny Collins

[It's] too expensive, I can't return to my job when my maternity is up because the cost for both my boys (both under three) is more than my part time wage! Ridiculous.

– Lucy Smith

I am a childminder and I would love to know where the 30% increase in costs figure came from, because no childminder that I know has put their fees up that much if at all since the election!

– Julie Dodds

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Miliband criticises childcare cost

Labour leader Ed Miliband has attacked the Government's failure to provide cheap childcare. He will claim the cost of a nursery price has risen by 30% since 2010 - almost five times faster than the average wage.