Venezuelan President to rule by decree

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro does not have to get the approval of congress to pass laws. Credit: PA

President Nicolas Maduro has been granted powers to rule by decree for a year, it was announced tonight.

The President said he needed the powers to fix the economy, but adversaries regard this as a power grab.

Maduro now has the power to pass laws without the approval of the Venezulan congress or a second democratic party.

Speaking to a crowd of supporters after the victory, Maduro said: "I want to thank the majority of patriotic and socialist lawmakers for approving this law that will let us advance, over the next 12 months, in defeating the economic war being waged against our people.

"Tonight has been a victory for the people! ... Who says the revolution is over?" he added, flanked by ministers, to applause from a crowd outside the Miraflores presidential palace.