Youths to learn the perils of Twitter or 'won't get a job'

Young people should be aware that things they write on social networks now may stand in their way of their dream job in the future, the Conservative vice-chairman said.

Michael Fabricant MP for Lichfield. Credit: PA Wire

Writing in The Telegraph, Michael Fabricant said that he had sent over 15,000 tweets in the past few months. He proposed that social media should be part of wider careers advice for young people.

Mr Fabricant added: "If the 15-year-old Michael Fabricant had had Twitter, I think it would be safe to say he would have struggled to find a job if future employers could trawl through thousands of tweets.

"My concern is that for many of our teenagers and young adults, today’s contemporary ‘banter’ and jokiness could become tomorrow’s block to their future job prospects".