May: Tackling modern slavery 'a personal priority'

Tackling modern slavery in Britain is a "personal priority", the Home Secretary has said following the discovery of three women allegedly held as slaves for at least 30 years.

Theresa May said details were still emerging in the case in Brixton, south London, but it was clear that many other victims were "hidden in plain sight" across the country.

Home Secretary Theresa May said tackling slavery in modern Britain is a 'personal priority'. Credit: Oli Scarff/PA Wire

Writing in The Sunday Telegraph, Ms May said the "one positive" of the case was that more people were aware of the issue of slavery which still has "shocking presence in modern Britain".

She wrote, "It is walking our streets, supplying shops and supermarkets, working in fields, factories or nail bars, trapped in brothels or cowering behind the curtains in an ordinary street: slavery".