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Hague plea to Israel over Iran

Israel should avoid taking any action that would undermine the interim nuclear deal between Iran and the international community, the Foreign Secretary William Hague has told MPs.

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Iranian-Americans welcome nuclear deal

Prominent Iranian-Americans have praised the Iranian nuclear deal as a significant first step in what they hope will be more harmonious relations between Iran and the international community.

I don't think these negotiations are going to have an effect either on Iran's global image or on Americans' perceptions of Iran.

But they may set the groundwork for eventual normalisation between Iran and the US - and that is something which should be celebrated.

– Reza Aslan, Iranian-born scholar of religion and author of Zealot

For anybody who has had direct and intimate contact with people living in Iran, the first sign of relief will be about the economics.

I know that's on many people's minds. They don't like to see their loved ones harmed.

– San Francisco Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi, born in the US to an Iranian father and a Jewish mother

People are now questioning Rouhani's determination to uphold the people's rights.

That's going to be one of his major challenges in the months to come - whether he stands up for his people or gives up the domestic issues to the hard-liners in Tehran.

– Omid Memarian, Iranian journalist and blogger persecuted in his home country before moving to US

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