Officer charged allegedly did not see 'Plebgate' incident

The police officer charged over the 'Plebgate' affair allegedly sent an email to his MP over the incident but it is claimed he did not witness the exchange between Andrew Mitchell and Downing Street officers, the Crown Prosecution Service said.

Andrew Mitchell was forced to resign over the claims he called officers "plebs". Credit: PA

A CPS statement said: "We have also received evidence in relation to PC Keith Wallis who sent an email to the deputy chief whip, John Randall who was his MP, saying that he had witnessed the incident.

"We have decided, having carefully considered the evidence in accordance with the Code for Crown Prosecutors, that there is sufficient evidence to charge PC Wallis with misconduct in a public office and that it is in the public interest to do so.

"I should make it clear the misconduct allegation relates to evidence that PC Wallis falsely claimed to have witnessed the incident, not to how the incident was described in his account.

"PC Keith Wallis has been charged and is required to attend Westminster Magistrates’ Court on 16 December 2013."