1. Lucy Manning

'Slave' may be daughter of woman who died in cult

Sian Davies was a member of the far-left political commune, the cult that the three rescued women were removed from last week.

She died falling out of a window from a house in Brixton in 1997 while living with the commune and the suspects included the man known as Comrade Bala.

Of the three rescued women there was a 30-year-old called Rose who had spent all of her life with them and the Daily Mail today published her picture. Sian's family, having seen this picture, now believe that could be her daughter.

I spoke to her cousin this morning who wants DNA tests to establish the facts and they want police to re-open the investigation into their cousin's death and for them to speak to some of the women rescued who might have lived with her in the 80s and 90s.

It would be an amazing twist on this slavery story - that the woman who died while a member of this cult had a child who her family knew nothing about and who was brought up in this cult.