The Sun stands by its account of 'plebgate'

The Sun, which is being sued by former Chief Whip Andrew Mitchell over its coverage of the "plebgate" row, has said it stands by its story.

The paper's managing editor Stig Abell tweeted:


Sun on plebgate: "The CPS today concluded it was in the public interest for the events at the gate of Downing Street to be made public." 1/2


..."The Sun will defend Mr Mitchell's libel action on the basis that our original story was true and published in the public interest" 2/2

Watch: Tom Bradby on how Mitchell uses CCTV to undermine police account


'Plebgate' PC stands by account

Former Chief Whip Andrew Mitchell has accused the police officer at the centre of the 'plebgate' row in Downing Street of "not telling the truth". But PC Toby Rowland has stood by his account. Another police officer has been charged over the incident