1. Chris Ship

White Paper reveals Scotland would keep the pound

The White Paper on Scottish independence has been revealed by the SNP, here are some of its main points:

  • Cut corporation tax by 3%.
  • Cut air passenger duty by 50%.
  • Keep pound - just as much Scotland's and the UK's.
  • No requirement for Scotland to raise the general rate of taxation to fund existing levels of spending.
  • End married couple tax allowance.
  • Increase benefits in line with inflation.
  • Early learning and childcare from the age of one to when they enter school.
  • Look again at pension age rise to 67.
  • Halt roll out of UC and pip and bedroom tax.
  • Stay as member of EU.
  • We would make early agreement on the speediest safe removal of nuclear weapons.
  • Scrap BBC. Replace with SBS Scottish Broadcasting Service.