Police will formally interview 'slaves' for first time

Police will formally interview three women allegedly held as slaves for the first time today.

Aravindan Balakrishnan, left, and his wife Chanda, in the wheelchair, are accused of keeping the women as slaves. Credit: ITV News

The trio have had indirect contact with officers but police have had to wait until trauma experts gave them the go-ahead to take their accounts in person.

Commander Steve Rodhouse said: "We have not yet been able to formally interview the victims in this case so we don't fully understand the nature of the allegations. We are moving to a point where we will be able to interview the victims and our plan is actually to do so today.

"The victims are in the care of specialists who have got great experience of dealing with people who have been subject to trauma.

"We're working to that advice of those experts as to how best to handle those victims, to support them and of course to draw out the evidence we would need to substantiate any prosecution."