Spain: Independent Scotland 'will stay outside EU'

Mariano Rajoy speaks during a joint news conference with Francois Hollande in Madrid today. Credit: Reuters

The Prime Minister of Spain has said that Scotland will remain outside the European Union if it becomes independent of the UK.

EU rules state that new countries require a unanimous vote by existing member states if they are to join the union.

But speaking today at a joint press conference with France's Francois Hollande, Spanish PM Mariano Rajoy suggested he would use his country's veto if Scotland applied.

"It is very clear to me, as it is for the rest of the world that a region that obtains independence which is part of a nation state of the EU will stay outside the EU," he said.

"The citizens know it, the Scottish know it - as do all the rest of the citizens of the EU."

Spain's position may be influenced by the likelihood of a would-be independent Catalonia also wanting to remain within the union.