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Police Lostprophets 'lessons'

South Wales police have launched a review over the case of Lostprophets singer Ian Watkins say lessons would be learnt 'if we got it wrong' after documents showed they were aware of abuse claims in 2008.

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Watkins' ex-girlfriend 'devastated it took so long'

Ian Watkins' ex-girlfriend Joanna Majic claimed today that his cynical predatory approach was successfully used in hundreds of other cases.

Asked in an interview with Real Radio how she felt about yesterday's outcome, she said:

I don't feel happy about it. I don't feel vindicated. I'm just devastated that it took so long.

I've always said to the police, there's hundreds of victims out there and you're never going to find them because the mothers are in on it.

– Joanna Majic

Miss Majic spoke of his attempts to get her to take drugs and the abuse from fans she suffered, possibly directed by Watkins, after reporting him to the police.

The first occasion was 2008. She said:

I don't know what he had done by then because I still don't know, but in my mind he wouldn't have gone on.

He wouldn't have got so cocky and so 'Oh, I've got away with it before. I'll just push it and see how much I can get away with', and he was getting off on that.

Every time I went to the police he was getting off on the fact that I was made to look an idiot.

– Joanna Majic

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