England in unseeded pot for World Cup draw

England will be among an unseeded pot of European countries for Friday's draw for the 2014 World Cup finals.

FIFA has announced the procedure of the draw and as expected the eight seeded teams, who will be kept apart for the group stage, have been chosen according to October's world rankings.

The draw will be organised so that there will be no more than two European teams in any group of four countries, and all the South American teams will be kept apart.

The four pots will be:

  • Pot 1: Argentina, Brazil, Belgium, Colombia, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, Uruguay
  • Pot 2: Algeria, Cameroon, Chile, Cote d'Ivoire, Ecuador, Ghana, Nigeria
  • Pot 3: Australia, Costa Rica, Honduras, Iran, Japan, Korea Republic, Mexico, USA
  • Pot 4: Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, England, France, Greece, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Russia