Judge: Child of forced caesarean mum should know she loved her

A judgement that ruled a child delivered by caesarean following a court order should remain in care, has been made public.

Judge Newton, sitting at Chelmsford County Court, concluded that the child, known as P, would be placed with an adoptive family.

The county court ruled the baby - known as P - should remain in the care of the local authority. Credit: Press Association

The child was removed from her mother - who is an Italian national and was suffering metal health issues at the time of the birth - by Essex County Council 15 months ago because she was "too unwell to care for her child".

Judge Newton said: "If in later life P reads this judgment, as she may well do, I hope that she will appreciate that her mother in particular loved her and wished for her to return to live with her and to bring her up.

"It is not her fault, nor P's that that was not possible and that a predictable home could only be secured by way of adoption. P should know that the mother very much wished to parent her and bring her up and I hope that that is some small comfort both to the mother and also to P."


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