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Sister: Actor 'wasn't drag racing'

Sister of the Fast and Furious star Paul Walker has denied that he was drag racing when his friend lost control of the Porsche the pair were in. Police have said speed is believed to have been a contributing factor to their deaths.

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Paul Walker's sister denies he died while drag racing

The sister of Hollywood actor Paul Walker has denied that he died while drag racing, the Daily Mail reports.

Paul Walker was killed in a car crash on Saturday. Credit: PA

Ashlie Walker, 37, told the paper that The Fast and the Furious star and his friend Roger Rodas, who was driving the Porsche they crashed in, were not involved in a speeding competition.

She said: "They were absolutely not racing, that's a complete lie. It hurts us when we hear these lies and it makes our grief worse and more painful.

"These are irresponsible allegations and people are trying to make out speed and racing was the reason for his death when it was just a terrible accident."

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