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Govt to sell 40% Eurostar stake

The Government will announce plans to sell its 40% stake in Eurostar as part of wider plans to privatise £20 billion of assets by 2020. It is to reveal details of its £375bn public and private investments in infrastructure projects across the UK.

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Union boss: Govt is 'flogging off last of the family silver'

Bob Crow, the general secretary of the RMT union, has criticised the Government's decision to sell its stake in Eurostar:

It is typical of this right-wing Government that they are prepared to flog off the valuable public stake in Eurostar just as this expanding and important service is moving into a new period of growth ...

You can bet that the French government will hold on to their stake in Eurostar and may even now bid for a total takeover, using the profits to invest in their own transport services while we flog off the last of the family silver.

– bob crow, general secretary, rmt union

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