Extremist material 'found at home of suspect's father'

Jurors in the Lee Rigby murder trial have been told extremist material, which the prosecution claims belongs to defendant Michael Adebolajo, was found when they searched his father's house.

This included one book called Extreme Islam, in which the passages "Allah does not like any drop more than the drop of blood shed in his way" and "Martyrdom means transfusion of blood into society" had been highlighted.


Al Qaeda's Inspire magasine found in Michael Adebolajo's books and documents.


Police found laptop in defendants' car & material in garage at Adebolajos father's house about Jihad & martyrdom incl by Anwar al-Awlaki.

The memory card in his BlackBerry phone also contained documents and lectures on the same topics, the court heard.

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Woolwich murderer's mum: 'Please forgive my son'

The mother of Woolwich murderer Michael Adebowale has told ITV News she has asked the mother of Lee Rigby for forgiveness, condemning the attack on the soldier as "senseless".