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MPs to pay tribute to Nelson Mandela in the Commons

MPs will pay tribute to Nelson Mandela in the Commons today. Question time has been suspended and instead Speaker John Bercow will make an opening address, followed by words from David Cameron and other party leaders.

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Jerry Dammers: 'So much time was taken from Mandela'

Jerry Dammers, who wrote the anthem Free Nelson Mandela, has said that it should not be forgotten how much of the former President of South Africa's life was taken by the 27 years he spent in prison.

He said: "He actually died a very young man he had... 27 years in prison. A large part of his life was taken and we shouldn't forget that. He was a young man, he wasn't an old man."

He added that despite Mandela's poor health in recent years the news of his death yesterday still came as a shock.

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