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Woolwich murderer's mum: 'Please forgive my son'

The mother of Woolwich murderer Michael Adebowale has told ITV News she has asked the mother of Lee Rigby for forgiveness, condemning the attack on the soldier as "senseless".

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Michael Adebolajo admits to killing Lee Rigby

In cross-examination, prosecutor Richard Whittam QC asked defendant Michael Adebolajo: "You and your co-defendant, acting together, killed Lee Rigby, didn't you?"

He replied: "Yes."

The barrister asked: "That's because together you had agreed to kill someone. Do you agree?"

Again, he replied: "Yes."

Adebolajo went on: "We planned a military attack which obviously involved, sadly - it's not something enjoyable, something fantastic - the death of a soldier. It's a military attack."

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