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Report: 'Huge disparities' in rail services across the UK

There are "huge disparities" in the quality of train services in different regions of Britain, according to a report from consultants Credo in association with the Campaign for Better Transport (CBT).

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Rail services are 'unrecognisably better', says industry

Rail services are "unrecognisably better" compared to what they were at the dawn of the new millennium, a spokesman for the rail industry said.

Dismissing claims from a transport charity there is a "huge disparity" in regional railway services, the Rail Delivery Group said passenger satisfaction was "near record high".

While there is always room for improvement, rail passengers are travelling on services that are unrecognisably better when compared to 15 years ago.

Passenger satisfaction is at a near record high with 500 million more journeys each year being rated 'good' or 'satisfactory' according to the independent passenger watchdog.

The railway's success has been achieved through a combination of significant sustained public investment via Network Rail, and train operators focused on increasing passenger numbers.

– A spokesman for the Rail Delivery Group

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