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$60m US defence aid to Central African Republic

The US has announced it will provide $60 million in defence aid to the Central African Republic. It already pledged to help transport French troops deployed to the former French colony amid ongoing violence between Muslim and Christian communities.

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Violent clashes and looting in Central African Republic

Hundreds of people were killed in the last week in Central African Republic.

The former French colony descended into chaos since mainly Muslim Saleka rebels siezed power in in March.

Angry mob attacks a mosque in Bangui. Credit: REUTERS/Emmanuel Braun
People are seen looting in the capital city. Credit: REUTERS/Emmanuel Braun

More reports of angry mobs looting houses and setting cars on fire are coming from the Central African Republic.

The capital city of Bangui saw a mosque set on fire, with civilians armed with wooden clubs and machetes attacking nearby houses.

A boy squats inside a burnt out car in Bangui. Credit: REUTERS/Emmanuel Braun

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