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Brooks and Morgan 'exchanged phone hacking banter'

Rebekah Brooks and Piers Morgan exchanged banter at a dinner party in 2003 about phone hacking, a media lawyer told the Old Bailey today. Ms Brooks and the other defendants deny charges related to phone hacking.

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Witness recounts 'phone hacking' conversation to court

Media lawyer Ambi Sitham told the Old Bailey today that Piers Morgan "said to Rebekah [Brooks] that he already knew what her splash was going to be".

"He said 'I already know what your splash is, or your cover is, because I've been listening to messages'."

Asked by prosecutor Andrew Edis QC how Brooks responded, Ms Sitham said: "She retorted, 'been hacking into my phone again, have you, Piers?'

"He said something like, 'well you've been looking at my emails' or something. It was quite a quick back and forth of bantering, I just know what I heard.

Asked how they appeared, she said: "It was pointed. There was a pointedness to it."

Rebekah Brooks denies all charges against her and the trial continues.

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