MPs' pay package 'cannot be be unpicked'

Sir Ian Kennedy, chair of the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (Ipsa) has defended his controversial plans to give MPs a pay rise of 11%.

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The pay reform package, including the 11% pay rise for MPs, cannot be 'unpicked' says Ipsa. Credit: PA Wire

Sir Ian insisted that the package of pay reforms but together by his body could not be selected and deselected by popularity. He said:

"This is a package, a package of reforms. You cannot unpick it. You can't say that bit we like and that bit we do not."

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He said research done by Ipsa indicated that the overall package had "significant" support from the public.

"Part of the package is that part they don't like, but the package as a whole has significant support from the public.

"The public is far more sophisticated than a lot of people think they are."


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