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148 'never events' in six months, NHS figures reveal

There were 148 'never events' - NHS patients harmed by incidents that should never happen - in the six months from April to September, NHS England figures show

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NHS England: Things go wrong, mistakes are made

The national director of patient safety at NHS England, which released today's 'never ever' findings, said that the risk of such serious medical errors "has never been smaller" and said that it "has always been the case" that mistakes will occur among healthcare professionals.

Every single never event puts patients at risk of harm which is avoidable.

People who suffer severe harm because of mistakes can suffer serious physical and psychological effects for the rest of their lives, and that should never happen to anyone who seeks treatment from the NHS.

But is time for some real openness and honesty. There are risks involved with all types of healthcare.

And one of those risks - with the best will in the world and the best doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals in the world - is that things can go wrong and mistakes can be made.

– Dr Mike Durkin, national director of patient safety at NHS England

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