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148 'never events' in six months, NHS figures reveal

There were 148 'never events' - NHS patients harmed by incidents that should never happen - in the six months from April to September, NHS England figures show

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NHS 'never events': Some of the serious blunders

Some of the 'never events' that have occurred in the NHS over the six months from April to September this year:

  • 69 cases where foreign objects - including surgical swabs, specimen retrieval bags, wires, a drill guide block and a needle - were left inside patients
  • 37 patients had the wrong part of their body operated on - including a woman who had the wrong fallopian tube removed during an ectopic pregnancy
  • A patient underwent an unnecessary heart procedure, while another was wrongly given a colonoscopy
  • One patient underwent surgery meant for someone else "due to incorrect results filed in notes"
  • 21 patients were given the wrong implant or prosthesis
  • One patient died as a result of failure to monitor their oxygen levels, another from heavy bleeding following a planned C-section
  • Wrongly inserted tubes and administering the wrong type of gas or drugs resulted in the deaths or severe harm of seven patients.

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