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'Two children abducted every day' Govt figures reveal

The number of children abducted by parents has more than doubled over the last decade, Foreign Office figures have shown. Two children are taken every day and Reunite - a charity specialising in family abduction cases - has had 447 new cases.

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Parental child abduction cases 'double in 10 years'

The number of children snatched by a parent in the midst of a custody battle has more than doubled in the space of a decade, the Government has said.

The Foreign Office has launched a campaign to highlight the number of children snatched by a parent every year. Credit: Reuters

Figures from the Foreign Office revealed they were now involved in 580 custody cases this year alone, where as they had 272 new potential child abductions in 2003/4.

Charity Reunite, which specialises in assisting parents whose children has taken, have dealt with 447 new cases involving 616 children this year.

Christmas 2012 and the end of the summer holidays saw their caseload surge, the charity revealed.

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