Burglar steals £112,000 to feed 120 cats

A burglar made off with haul worth £112,000 over a year long spree to feed 120 cats a gourmet diet, police in Japan said. Mamoru Demizu, 48, is suspected of breaking into houses 32 times to steal cash and jewels.

A Japanese man went on a year long burgling spree. Credit: Andrew Parsons/PA Archive/Press Association Images

He told officers that he stole for money to feed scores of his feline friends, spending up to 25,000 yen (£148) a day, police said.

"He said he felt happiest when he rubbed his cheek against cats," the officer said.

According to the AFP news agency, police said unemployed Demizu kept one animal at his home in Izumi city, western Japan.

He kept around 20 in a nearby warehouse, while feeding 100 more strays that lived in the neighbourhood.