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Police 'to review' Nigella Lawson's cocaine admission

Police are to review TV cook Nigella Lawson's admission that she took cocaine. The 53-year-old "Domestic Goddess" revealed during the fraud trial of her two former assistants that she took the class A drug twice.

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Restaurant incident 'persuaded PA to change defence'

Elisabetta Grillo has said that the incident where Charles Saatchi was photographed with his hands around Nigella Lawson's throat prompted her to change her defence.

Asked why she did not mention Ms Lawson's alleged drug taking as part of her defence until last month, Grillo added: "I didn't want to use it before because I wanted to protect her.

"I think especially when Charles picked her nose, it was the proof she still took drugs and he discovered that day.

"So we then decided it was the moment for everybody to know the truth - she could lie easily."

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