Eiffel Tower lights up for Nelson Mandela

Paris' iconic Eiffel Tower will be lit up in the colours of the South African flag in memory of Nelson Mandela today.

France's tribute to Nelson Mandela, ahead of the former South African president's funeral on Sunday. Credit: Reuters

The giant light show features the name of the late anti-apartheid hero, while a set of beams in the colours of his country's flag will recall the colours of the South African flag.

A ceremony is due to take place near the Eiffel Tower on Sunday, the day of Mandela's funeral, in which Parisians are invited to light candles to pay respect to the Nobel peace laureate.

Organisers were putting the finishing touches to a giant light show on the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Credit: Reuters

The organisers of the event said they wanted the tribute to remain sober and humble.

Laurent Clavel, the French commissioner of the France-South Africa Season, said: "It's very simple, it's very sober."