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Prosecutors call to stop World Cup stadium work after death

Public prosecutors have moved to halt construction at the World Cup stadium where a worker fell to his death while working on the roofing structure in Manaus, according to the Associated Press.

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Court delays Brazil stadium work

Policemen patrol the Arena da Amazonia Stadium earlier this year. Credit: Bruno Kelly

A Brazilian labour court has halted construction in part of the World Cup stadium where a man fell 115 feet to his death while working on a roofing structure in the jungle city of Manaus.

The move will further delay work at the venue that will host England v Italy and three other matches next June.

The decision was announced after public prosecutors requested the immediate interruption of work in all areas where labourers need to be high above the ground.

Work will only restart after builders show that all safety measures are in place at the Arena Amazonia, which will also host United States v Portugal.

The Manaus court said constructors will be fined a daily amount if they do not abide by the decision.

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