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Prison officer Sam Bailey crowned X Factor 2013 winner

Prison officer Sam Bailey has triumphed over teenager Nicholas McDonald to be named the 2013 X Factor winner.

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Sam Bailey hits out at X Factor's 'sob story' contestants

X Factor favourite Sam Bailey has revealed that she auditioned for the show in 2007 and claims she "probably would have won it" if she had told a "sob story".

Sam Bailey is favourite to win tonight's X Factor final Credit: PA

Speaking to the Daily Star Sunday ahead of tonight's final, the former prison office attacked the show's audition process, telling the paper: “I know so many people singing in pubs and clubs now who can p*ss over half the people who have been on this show – it really gets my back up.”

“I didn’t have a lot of belief in the show many moons ago because, for me, the people I thought were relatively good never made it,” she went on. “I auditioned in 2007 when my dad had about a month to live. I didn’t mention it because I didn’t want it to be about my dad dying.

“I sang in a little room for about 30 seconds and got told to go home and come back next year. I never did it again because I had lost all belief in the programme. I bet if I had mentioned back then that my dad was poorly I probably would have got through – I would have been in the final.

“I probably would have won it. That’s how I perceived it to be."

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