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Winter Wonderland event cancelled after complaints

A Winter Wonderland event has been cancelled after attracting a raft of complaints from parents. The event in Campbell Park, in Milton Keynes, included paid-for events such as ice skating, opened on Saturday.

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Debris litters Winter Wonderland as it is dismantled

Debris including some of the gifts children received and packets from the cheap-looking Father Christmas costumes littered the floor of the cancelled Winter Wonderland event as it was being dismantled.

Some of the gifts the children received lie strewn on the floor. Credit: ITV News
ITV News reporter Ben Chapman walks through the grotto as it is being dismantled. Credit: ITV News
Packets from the Father Christmas costumes can still be seen on the floor at Winter Wonderland. Credit: ITV News
The event in Milton Keynes was cancelled after a raft of complaints. Credit: ITV News

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