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Labour MP 'reports peer to police over expenses'

A Labour MP says he has reported peer Lord Hanningfield to the police over allegations related to his parliamentary expenses. Hanningfield was accused of clocking in and out of the House of Lords to claim a £300 daily allowance.

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Peer: Clocking in row is a 'storm in a tea cup'

Speaking to Sky News, Lord Hanningfield said: "I didn't clock in to claim my expenses. This is all a storm in a tea cup really.

"The checking-in is a mechanism for the Lords to get paid. Most of our work is not actually in the chamber of the House of Commons - it's the post we get, the e-mails we get, all the letters we get.

"Then we take on particular interests and my interests are transport and education so we follow those up.

"We don't do that in the chamber. But going in the chamber is a mechanism to pay us so that is why we have to go in to the chamber."

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