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PM sees aftermath of immigration raid

The PM has promised a 'crackdown' on immigration as he visited the aftermath of an immigration raid in West London. A ban on EU migrants claiming out-of-work benefits from the moment they arrive in the UK is set to be rushed through Parliament.

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Cameron calls for 'crackdown' on illegal immigration

David Cameron said he wanted a "crackdown" on illegal immigration in the UK as the government announced a ban on EU migrants claiming out-of-work benefits.

The Prime Minister, who was visiting a raid on alleged illegal immigrants in West London, praised the "excellent work" of immigration enforcement officers.

He added that he wanted a "crackdown" on illegal immigration and to see more people who should not be in the UK to be "sent home".

He said: "There is a right to work and take another job in another European country but there shouldn't be a right to go and just claim benefits.

"So we're putting that beyond doubt, to send a very clear signal that there's no right to claim as you move round the European Union and I think it's important to put that beyond doubt."

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