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Ian Watkins at risk from 'inmates looking to make a name'

Singer Ian Watkins could be at risk of attack from fellow inmates inside Wakefield prison, the general secretary of the Prison Officers Association said. The ex-Lostprophets frontman was jailed for 35 years for a string of child sex abuse offences.

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GCHQ cracked Ian Watkins' laptop password

A laptop seized from the home of Ian Watkins in Pontypridd, South Wales, was unlocked by an expert from the intelligence agency GCHQ. Watkins, who used a sick reference to his own perversion as his password, and was also found to have encrypted files within an encrypted hard drive.

Watkins hid his stash of images on computer equipment with a storage capacity five times the size of that used by the South Wales Police force, with 2,862 sworn officers and 1,631 support staff, according to detectives. Detective Inspector Peter Doyle said:

His computer equipment contained 27 terabytes of storage space, which is five times the size of the South Wales Police's storage.

If you need 27 terabytes you are into that kind of world.

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