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Woolwich murderer's mum: 'Please forgive my son'

The mother of Woolwich murderer Michael Adebowale has told ITV News she has asked the mother of Lee Rigby for forgiveness, condemning the attack on the soldier as "senseless".

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Fusiliers have 'become very resilient' after Lee's death

Colonel Jim Taylor, of 2nd Battalion, Royal Regiment of Fusiliers, had taken command just three weeks before Lee Rigby's death.

The first time he addressed his soldiers was to deliver the news of their comrade's murder.

He told ITV News correspondent Geraint Vincent that it was a "tragic set of circumstances and a brutal way to die."

He also said the Fusiliers "have become very resilient in their outlook in the way that they have dealt with deaths on operations...and to the tragic events - terrorist related - of Lee's death.

"It is a bitter experience for everyone to go through, regardless of how it happens," he added.

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