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UN 'concerned' that MPs are to take over torture inquiry

UN experts on torture and human rights have expressed concern that MPs are to take over an independent inquiry into whether UK intelligence officials were aware of the mistreatment of detainees in foreign jails.

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'Inadequate guidance' given to UK intelligence officers

Cabinet Office minister Ken Clarke said the report into the treatment of detainees "paints a picture" of Government and agencies struggling to adapt to the new realities faced in the wake of 9/11 and said it was a matter of "sincere regret" if "mistakes and failures were made".

It is now clear that our agencies and their staff were in some respects not prepared for the extreme demands suddenly placed upon them.

The guidance regulating how intelligence officers should act was inadequate. The practices of some of our international partners should have been understood much sooner.

Oversight was not robust enough and there was no mechanism in the civil courts for allegations against the security and intelligence services to be examined properly.

– Cabinet Office minister Ken Clarke

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