Muslim Council of Britain: No cause justifies murder

Muslim Council of Britain secretary general Farooq Murad said the killing of soldier Lee Rigby was "a dishonourable act," adding: "No cause justifies cold-blooded murder."

Mr Murad said: "The murder of Drummer Lee Rigby was truly a barbaric act.

File photo of Fusilier Lee Rigby in uniform.
Fusilier Lee Rigby was aged 25 when he was murdered. Credit: Ministry of Defence

"Muslim communities then, as now, were united in their condemnation of this crime."

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Woolwich murderer's mum: 'Please forgive my son'

The mother of Woolwich murderer Michael Adebowale has told ITV News she has asked the mother of Lee Rigby for forgiveness, condemning the attack on the soldier as "senseless".