Search as sailor falls overboard in 'very poor' weather

Coastguards and an RAF helicopter have been involved in an unsuccessful search for a missing sailor in weather conditions described as "very poor".

An RAF helicopter was deplyoed to search for a missing sailor amid 'very poor' conditions tonight Credit: PA

The Maritime and Coastguard Agency said a 45-year-old man, believed to be a foreign national, fell overboard from a small cargo ship moored on the River Trent in the North Lincolnshire area.

A spokeswoman said the man was working with ropes on the MV Sea Melody when he appeared to become entangled and was pulled over the side where he disappeared.

A helicopter from RAF Leconfield in East Yorkshire began a search with an infra-red camera and a coastguard team from Hull was also mobilised.


Thousands left without power after storms hit UK

Around 10,000 people in Wales, Northern Ireland and Cumbria were left without power after the UK was hit by powerful storms. A search will resume for a sailor who fell overboard from a small ship on the River Trent amid 'very poor' weather conditions