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Rochdale child abuse victims 'could have been protected'

A major review has found police and social workers failed six girls who were sexually abused in Rochdale between 2007 and 2010. But the Department of Education said the report "does not meet the standards of transparency and sharp analysis."

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Rochdale report identifies repeated 'poor practices'

A major report into child sex sexual exploitation in Rochdale identified a repeating theme of factors that it says impacted on the quality of practice in particular including:

  • Policy and procedures either not available or poorly understood and implemented at the front line
  • Absence of high quality supervision, challenge and line management oversight
  • Resource pressures and high workload in key agencies, including CSC safeguarding teams, A&E, Police, contributing to disorganisation and at times a sense of helplessness
  • Policies, culture and attitudes within many agencies which were actively unhelpful when working with adolescents
  • Performance frameworks focussed on quantitative practice not on quality of practice or understanding the child's journey through services and outcomes

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